About the Association

The Southpointe CEO Association is a non-profit association of like- minded companies located in and about Southpointe. Founded in 1997, it is supported and directed by CEOs in the business park. In keeping with the public-private partnerships that gave birth to Southpointe, the Association brings local, regional and national leaders together for informative events and works with government officials on all levels to build upon and expand the region’s business success. We are dedicated to improving our organizations, meeting our neighbors, building deep business relationships, and taking advantage of the many amenities and opportunities available at Southpointe. The Association is designed to include executive leadership as well as the employees at various levels of an organization. Our events are intended for and can be attended by all employees of member organizations.

Celebrating and encouraging leadership development in business, community, and school, the Southpointe CEO Association will award two, $2,500 scholarships to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and who are employees, or dependents of employees, of Association member organizations. Individuals who have been accepted, and who will study at Southpointe CEO Association member institutions Waynesburg University or Robert Morris University, will have additional scholarship funds awarded from that university if selected as a 2017 awardee. Download the application here and return it by March 3, 2017.

Our Mission Statement

The Southpointe CEO Association advances the interests of businesses and business people located in Southpointe and Southpointe II. The Association promotes Southpointe and Southpointe II as a premier place to work, live, and play. It provides programs and events to meet the financial, educational, and social needs of both corporate leaders and their employees. The goals of the Southpointe CEO Association are:

  • 1. To increase the value of property at Southpointe and SouthpointeII and to attract successful owners and tenants to the park.
  • 2. To help corporate leaders to expand their businesses and to succeed.
  • 3. To help corporate leaders to find, hire, develop, educate, and manage highly productive employees.
  • 4. To help corporate employees become more educated, healthy, skilled and productive.
  • 5. To meet our neighbors in Southpointe and Southpointe II and become a more cohesive, friendly and mutually supportive community.
  • 6. To generate interest in Southpointe, Southpointe II, and southwestern Pennsylvania to help these areas grow and become exceptional places to live and work.
  • 7. To work with other community leaders and organizations to make sure that interests of Southpointe and Southpointe II, and the business community in general, are considered.

CEO Executive Series - Award Recipients

2016 - Douglas G. Lee

2016 - Charles C. Keller

2015 - Barron P. “Pat” McCune, Jr.

2014 - Frank Coonelly

2013 - Rodney L. Piatt

2012 - Jack B. Piatt

2011 - Robert J. Coury

2010 - James E. Cashman, III

2009 - Glen T. Meakem

2008 - J. Brett Harvey

2007 - Thomas J. Usher

2006 - Paul H. O’Neill

2005 - Anthony M. Lombardi

2004 - Charles Baily, Sr.

2003 - Thomas Rooney